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Vulnerability Assessment

HighTechnique delivers Vulnerability Assessment services, both on a one-time and a periodic basis, providing you with a cost-effective tool to ensure that your external, Internet-facing systems have the right level of security in-place. Our tests are designed to mimic the actions and techniques of a hacker. These are conducted remotely over the Internet and do not require physical access to your facilities or require special network access. Our security engineers perform testing based on a ‘blind” approach with no prior knowledge required or assumptions made about your current infrastructure. During this assessment, we will identify and validate any vulnerability and weaknesses discovered with your perimeter network systems (including IP addresses, systems on your DMZ, external interfaces of your firewall, and more) by leveraging both automated scanning and manual verification procedures. This comprehensive assessment provides you with a detailed management report listing all potential vulnerabilities reviewed by rating, description, and recommendations for corrective action.

Penetration Testing

HighTechnique’s Penetration Testing services provide an intensive assessment of your organization’s security posture on the Internet by simulating an attacker’s threat accessing mission-critical and confidential customer data, financial records and other sensitive information. . As critical follow-up to our Vulnerability Assessment service, our penetration testing reveals the degree by which the vulnerabilities discovered can be exploited by an outside intruder. Using the latest methods and tricks by “real” hackers, our security experts will conduct fake attacks remotely on your network’s ‘weakest link” to gain access to your network and its resources for an in-depth, thorough assessment. We perform the testing with extreme caution as to avoid any disruption your organization’s information services and to avoid being detected by any Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). After verification of the information from the testing, we then deliver a detailed report prioritizing the recommended remediation steps to take to secure the network perimeter to prevent your organization’s information assets from being compromised.



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